Decide the fate of interplanetary travel in this multiplayer puzzle versus game coming to PC!

Hone your skills as a Star Clearer in one of many single-player modes, clearing colorful stars in the night sky. 

Or unravel the mysteries of the world and its inhabitants with a huge cast of characters in Story Mode, and compete against friends!

Classic Puzzle Versus

From classic arcade to competitive team multiplayer, enjoy Scramble Star the way you like! Play with 1 - 4 players!

Story Mode

Face off against the cast of the game in a story driven gameplay mode. Can you solve the mystery of the star storms and the alien Larua?

Cast of Characters

From the brave hero, to the militant rival, to the robotic jellyfish? Enjoy the quirky cast of characters that make up Scramble Star Crossing!

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Meet the Cast!


Our protagonist, a newly graduated Star Clearer from the Academy! She is half human, half Laruan.


A prim and scholarly Laruan Star Clearer, and one of Alice's best friends! He dreams of leading research on the Stars.


Ever-cheerful and energetic, Catja turns away from her royal upbringing to enjoy dance-like Star Clearing.

The Regis

A stern and determined Star Clearer and former military hero. He sees Star Clearing as a means to an end.


A star clearing... robot? GiSMO once helped mine for resources, and has set their sights to the stars and beyond!


Intelligent and aloof, Lucia finds joy in clearing color from the sky. That, and testing her inventions through star clearing.


A long time miner turned Star Clearer! Hight cares for his family above all else, and loves the freedom of star clearing.


A carefree and sometimes clumsy star clearer. Teehee! ♡
...and many more!

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